Non Profit Partners

Boca Micro Farm searches for new and meaningful ways to inspire and connect to the community and outdoors. Everything we do is intentional and with deep consideration to sustainability. While we all use natural resources to our own benefit, we also earnestly act to preserve them.

Boca Micro Farm commits a portion of our profits to our non-profit heroes who work tirelessly to sustain the natural world for all who follow.

Your patronage, dedication and the collective efforts of many others, ultimately help with the long-term protection of future generations and maintenance of very deserving wild places.

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), is a currently working on the development of an artificial Pancreas. This, of course will revolutionize the diabetic world. It will also save the lives of people you know.

Each year Boca Micro Farm donates to the ongoing stewardship and management of Texas parks.

Austin, Texas is home to gobs and gobs of bats. There is a bridge in Austin that is affectionately called the “bat cave.” Every night during the warmer months bats fly out from under this bridge just as the sun is setting. It is a spectacular sight. We do our part by providing a safe place for bats with our own 300 bat condominium!


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