Jasmine & Chamomile
Jasmine & Chamomile
Jasmine & Chamomile

Jasmine & Chamomile

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Chamomile and jasmine flowers are infused in our oils then combined with gently steeped jasmine and chamomile teas and lovely, creamy organic goat milk and organic creamy coconut milk. We then add kaolin clay, which is a natural exfoliate that sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves behind radiant and glowing skin. Essential oils of chamomile and jasmine come together for a powerful anti-inflammatory and calming bar of soap.

Chamomile essential oil is a wonder ingredient to help soothe your complexion. Whether it's rosacea, irritation, acne or any other skin concern, chamomile oil is a great natural remedy to calm your skin. Jasmine essential oil is rich in a variety of active chemical components that are beneficial to the skin. Due to its antioxidants, jasmine supplement anti-aging by helping protect from environmental stressors. Similar to many natural oils, jasmine oil helps treat dry skin and acts as a natural moisturizer that won't clog pores.


Liquid Base: Coconut Milk & Goat Milk

Butters: Raw Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Mango Butter,

Oils: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Rice Bran Oil, and Organic Avocado Oil

Clays, Herbs, Other Natural Ingredients: Chamomile Tea, Jasmine Tea, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, and topped with Chamomile & Jasmine

Essential Oils: Jasmine and Chamomile

NO Parabens, NO Sulfates, NO Phthalates, Non-GMO, Natural, Organic,  Additive Free, Chemical Free, Palm Free

Our soaps produce a rich lather that won't dry out your skin. All BMF products are made with only pure oils and butters. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth all day long!

All soaps are cut at 7 ounces. After the curing process, all soaps weigh +/- 6 ounces.

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