Our Micro Farm

At Boca Family Micro Farms we are committed to growing and raising nutrient dense foods using organic and sustainable farm practices. Absolutely NO herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or GMOs are used on our micro-farm.  We invite you to follow us on our journey as we learn and grow. We have a three year plan to complete our self-sustainability mission and a  bumpy road ahead, but in Texas we go big or go home!

What we grow and do:

Organically grown fruits: Our property has 50+  fruit trees and bushes which include several varieties of : plums, peaches, apples, figs, persimmons, mulberries, jujubes, oranges, lemons, sweet kumquats, apricot,s nectarines, loquats, pecans, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, mulberries, raspberries and grapes.  Harvest is dependent on the season and how hard or mild our winter and drought are.

Organically grown veggies/herbs: We are currently working on our second “Back to Eden” veggie/herb garden and practice a no-tilling method when possible.  Much like a lasagna, “Back to Eden” is a method of layering, rather than disturbing the earth by tilling. We layer leaves, along with other carbon matter, compost, manure, green grass clippings and wood chips to create a nutrient rich foundation for plants to grow and thrive in. Our harvest includes: tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, eggplant, squash, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, beans, onions, cucumbers, lettuces, greens, kale, corn, peppers, chilis, flowers and herbs of all types.

Bee Different Honey & Bees :  Our micro-farm homes six hives working furiously in preparation of  pure, organic, raw wildflower honey.  We harvest with extreme care and respect for our honey bees and only check on the brood and queen when necessary to not disturb them. Though honey is sweet, saving our earth is much sweeter and a priority here at Boca Micro Farm. We feel that we are helping save our world one bee at a time.  We ensure our bees  have  plenty of food (honey) to keep them through the winter months.  Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating many of our key fruit and vegetable crops? In fact, without their help, over one third of our crop supply could be in danger of disappearing. So next time you take three bites of food, remember a honey bee should be thanked for one of those!  Our  “Bee Different”  honey line celebrates diversity, and our unique differences…because what makes us different, makes us BEEautiful!

Cheeses/ Butters: We had a great time taking classes from some wonderful people at the Ploughshare Institute in Waco, Texas and have been making great cheese ever since. Our local raw milk dairy farmer provides us with  organically grown, humanely raised, grass fed jersey cow and goat’s milk.  Oh the things one can do with fresh milk!  Homemade mozzarella, ricotta, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese, and butter have such a rich, fresh and pleasant taste and aroma. Pair fresh yogurt or cream cheese with our fresh berries, fruit, or chives and something magical  happens. From smooth and mild to hard and sharp your palate will be pleasantly pleased.

Breads:  Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven.  Our certified organic and non-GMO grains come in their purest form and are ground to perfection to create amazing Artisan breads.  We also carry gluten free/dairy free/egg free options.  Fresh baked loaves or our frozen ready to bake loaves are both available.  Pair this with homemade churned butter from fresh raw milk, fresh honey butter, cream cheese, olive oil,  or our “Bee Different” honey for a real delight.

Olive Oils:  We take our farm fresh herbs, spices, peppers and fruits  to enhance and infuse the very best olive oil for cooking, dipping and seasoning.  Pair our oils with some of our fresh breads or use it to baste a steak, chicken or fish, or drizzle over some farm fresh greens or garden salad.  The possibilities are endless!

Jams, Preserves, Pickling : When our fruit trees and garden are bountiful, so are our cupboards. Fig, strawberry, apple, peach, apricot, blackberry, orange, raspberry, grape, pepper, plum, & veggie preserves and jams are made with no or very little raw sugar or honey and lemon juice, that’s all; we keep it simple and real.

Salsas: Mild Boca, Medium Boca, or Hot Boca: “When are y’all making more salsa? “ seems to be our number one inquiry and it’s no wonder because our salsas are made with only organically grown veggies and herbs and are sure to please the pickiest salsa connoisseur. Our deliciously deep red tomatoes ripen on the vine to perfection along with green peppers, Texas size jalapeños, and other sweet and spicy peppers, garlic, cilantro and onions to create a truly boca (mouth) pleasing salsa.  We can’t keep this seasonal treat on the shelves, so it’s always good idea to grab a few bottles (and hide one for those late night snacks).

Soap/Skin Care:  We are happy to announce our new skin care line boasting luxurious goat milk and oatmeal soaps (Goat & Oat) and pure essential oil bath salts, balms, salves, bug spray, and non-alum deodorant. We also carry  a baby/child line of products such as bath wash, bubble bath, salves, and bum balm. Even new moms can benefit from our breast balm and relaxing teas.  Our farm only uses  organically certified and responsibly harvested oils of olive, coconut, argan, grapeseed, sunflower, avocado, rice bran, jojoba, apricot and grass-fed organic tallow along with the finest grade essential oils and organically farm grown herbs & fruits to bring you the very best in bath and skin care. We are especially cautious with those who have allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin and developed this line for our skin-sensitive  children.  What about that teen that seems to be fighting a war on acne? We have an amazing facial bar full of acne fighting essential oils and ground herbs that calm the skin while detoxifying.  Our skin care is crafted by hand in our  very own kitchen with only the very finest of ingredients and the utmost care. 

Farm Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs :  Our lovely ladies lay some of the best eggs around, maybe that’s why they make such a racket of celebration when an egg is laid.  Our nests are filled with fresh cut herbs and rose petals to make nesting and laying relaxing and stress free.  Our  gals are bug gobblin’, grub eatin’, pasture peckin’, stress free squawkin’ happy hens, and their beautiful bright orange yolks and thick whites are proof of it.  Hens are supplemented with only Non-GMO certified organic grains, absolutely no soy and only Non-GMO corn as a late night snack to keep them warm in winter. Our girls have plenty of room to roam and enjoy rotating pasture pecking.  They are a great garden clean up  crew and help us prepare for the next planting by gobbling up leftover veggies and greens as well as high protein bugs and slugs. They are by far the best natural and organic insect control around!

Ours vs. Store Bought…

Can you guess which egg our happy hens made?


Compost, Worms, & Black Soldier Flies: 

Nothing ever goes to waste! With worms, black soldier fly larvae and chickens to feed, everyone and everything gets a piece of the pie, or scraps so to speak.  Our worm castings make for rich, healthy soil and our black soldier flies make lots of larvae that feed our hens high protein snacks while our compost bins get everything else, including chicken and cow manure. This will  “cook” for months before we add it to our gardens.

How it all began….


I am and always have been a teacher; a Spanish teacher, bilingual teacher, ESL teacher, ELA teacher, and a reading teacher.  I can say for certain, there’s nothing better than putting a book in a child’s hand….unless, it’s a chick! And that’s how it all began.

Years ago, as I prepared for our annual Easter hunt for our large family of seven and all our friends and extended family, my son and I went in search for a galvanized metal tub for beverages. I was going for that “farm” look.  Upon entering,  the sounds of peeps and chirping were overwhelming. Hundreds upon hundreds of tiny chicks had arrived for the spring season. Immediately, my heart flooded with memories of chicks running around the “rancho” as a child, and as we made our way to them  I could see my son’s face light up and I knew right then and there I was about to be in load of trouble.  “Mom can we have one?” – I couldn’t resist.  I mean, first of all, he’s my only son. Secondly, he’s my only son!  How could I resist those big blue eyes, and that sweet face as he cradled that little yellow ball of fluff in his hands? Fast forward twenty minutes and $102.49  later and we were out the door with heat lamp, bulb, pine shavings, a hamster cage, starter feed, a watering can, and well, let’s just say I never did get that beverage tub I was looking for! 

When we arrived home, we had to explain ourselves to the hubby who was not on board, but I soon pacified him with  “It’s only temporary”, and at the time I meant it.  I had every intention of the this “temporary” situation, but instead chicken math happened.  It’s a real thing and it definitely exists; I’m proof of it. Every time I would go back to the feed store to buy more feed, I’d see another yellow ball of fluff which would send me back to 1978 and the multiplying began.  Two coop mansions, four bee hives, thousands of worms,  and a two+ acre veggie and herb garden later we are officially a micro-farm, The Boca Family Micro Farm. 

 In my classroom, my students take time to write and reflect on their successes (glows) and failures (grows).   They write these in their journals, share their thoughts, observations and feelings and learn from one another. Connections are made, relationships are formed and bridges are built; organically, a community is born.  On the farm, I am the student and nature is my teacher. Here I will share my glows and grows in hopes to learn, and in turn educate those who may one day enter a feed store and end up on this road of sheer joy and madness.

At Boca Family Micro Farm we are committed to growing good food and making natural organic skin care that’s good for you. No GMOs, No pesticides, No herbicides, No Nothin’!  

Keep it real and keep it local y’all! 

The Texas Chick

Midnight came to visit my students in class.  The students won a “date with a hot chick” for achieving  (and exceeding) their reading goals! Everyone enjoyed her visit.


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