Preserving Figs

In the dead of winter when the fig trees are bare, it's nice to pull out a jar of preserved figs. Eat them straight out of the jar, pour over ice cream, in yogurt, put in baked goods, make jam, [...]

We be Jammin’!

Friday night jammin' has a whole new meaning for me these days. Fig jam is one of my favorite things to make and eat! It's super easy to make and you don't have to fuss with pectin or use a lot [...]

Dehydrating Figs

The other day I was talking about my figs and my situation with not having enough time; making jam and preserving figs requires hours of time and preparation. Luckily, Dana my fellow grad [...]

Oh Fig!

  There is something for me that is nostalgic about figs. They take me back in time when screen  doors and windows were left unlocked and opened and when catching fireflies in the fields [...]

August’s Hot Chick of The Month

Eloida is an Ameraucana hen and lays lovely medium sized blue and green eggs. This rumpless, tufted beauty is a sweet, docile, and affectionate hen who enjoys sitting in your lap and snuggling [...]


Our Micro Farm At Boca Family Micro Farms we are committed to growing and raising nutrient dense foods using organic and sustainable farm practices. Absolutely NO herbicides, fungicides, [...]