First Post: Boca Family Micro Farm


I am and always have been a teacher; a Spanish teacher, bilingual teacher, ESL teacher, ELA teacher, and a reading teacher.  I can say for certain, there’s nothing better than putting a book in a child’s hand….unless, it’s a chick! And that’s how it all began.

Years ago upon preparing for our family annual Easter hunt for our large family of seven and all our friends and family, my son and I went in search for a galvanized metal tub for beverages. Upon entering,  the sounds of peeps and chirping were overwhelming. Hundreds upon hundreds of tiny chicks had arrived for the spring season. Immediately, my heart flooded with memories of chicks running around the “rancho” as a child, and as we made our way to them  I could see my son’s face light up and I knew right then and there I was about to be in load of trouble.  “Mom can we have one?”  I couldn’t resist.  I mean, first of all, he’s my only son. Secondly, he’s my only son!  How could I resist those big blue eyes, and that sweet face as he cradled that little yellow ball of fluff in his hands? Fast forward twenty minutes and $102.49  later and we were out the door with heat lamp, bulb, pine shavings, a hamster cage, starter feed, a watering can, and well, let’s just say I never did get that beverage tub I was looking for! 

Upon arriving home, we had to explain ourselves to the hubby who was not on board, but I soon pacified him with  “It’s only temporary”, and at the time I meant it.  I had every intention of the this temporary situation, but instead “chicken math” happened.  It’s a real thing and it definitely exists; I’m proof of it. Every time I would go back to the feed store to buy more feed, I’d see another yellow ball of fluff which would send me back to 1978 and the multiplying began.  Two coop mansions, four bee hives, and a two acre veggie and herb garden later we are officially a micro farm, The Boca Family Micro Farm. 

 In my classroom, my students take time to write and reflect on their successes (glows) and failures (grows).   They write these in their journals, share their thoughts, observations and feelings and learn from one another. Connections are made, relationships are formed and bridges are built and organically a community is born.  On the farm, I am the student and nature teaches. Here I will share my glows and grows in hopes to educate and in turn learn.

At Boca Family Micro Farm we are committed to growing good food and making natural organic skin care that’s good for you. No GMOs, No pesticides, No herbicides, No Nothin’!  

Keep it real and keep it local y’all! 

Renee Bocanegra, The Texas Chick


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